Buy Italian Leather online is able to customize the graphics of your article with advanced techniques of “screen printing” and “printing” directly on the leather. We are able to print your completely “personalized” graphics.
To proceed with the personalization of your article, follow the instructions below:

  • Find the article of your interest in the SHOP section
  • Proceed with the purchase of the desired product and quantities, selecting the item from the “GRAPHICS” – personalized menu
  • Proceed with the purchase of the product and its payment.
  • Now you are ready to send your personalized graphic “file”!

Fill out the form indicated below in all its parts and proceed with sending the file for personalized printing. Your order will be processed only when we receive the file for printing; the maximum size allowed for sending the file is 10 MB. Upon receipt of your file, we will send a notification confirming that your order has been “processed”.

N.B. : when the order has been placed in “working status”, it will no longer be possible to replace or modify the graphics sent in any way.

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You can also send a completely personalized graphic, in this case they will be sent to you
€ 150.00 charged relating to the cost of developing and creating a printing plant.









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